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McAlester Scottish Rite

Temple Restoration Memorial Brick Program

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Please help preserve our beautiful building...


Your name, or the name of a loved one, can be a permanent part of the architecture of the McAlester Scottish Rite Masonic Center - one of the most beautiful Masonic Buildings in the World.


 It is a beautiful building, but like most of us, it is not in as good a shape as when it originated in 1930.  It takes a tremendous amount of money just to maintain this monument to Masonry. It is expensive!  The work to restore is highly specialized and often requires special materials and talents.


So, to raise money for the Restoration Fund, The Center is selling personalized, engraved memorial bricks.  They will be laid in the sidewalk in front of the East entrance on Second Street, so the world can see that you are one who cares enough to see its overall restoration and maintenance needs are met.

 You do not have to be a Mason to have a brick named for you.  Bricks are available to individuals, organizations and businesses.


The Tribute of a Lifetime

Items you may choose to commemorate:

  • Your Masonic Honors

  • Loved Ones

  • Degree Team Participation

  • Historic Events

  • Births / Birthdays

  • Friends

  • Family Trees

  • Special Occasions

  • etc.

It's a lasting tribute to yourself, your loved ones, and the Scottish Rite.


Since you are buying the brick, you decide what goes on it.  The bricks are available in three different sizes:


Examples for bricks:


In Memory of

 Ted Smith





J B Brown

Grand Master

Yukon 90 

Yukon OK 



Mid-Continent Hardware Co

Paul & Jane Clements

Established 1918 

Oklahoma City


Order yours today.


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